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Our lifeguards not only keep everyone in the pool safe, they are courteous and able to operate pump rooms and vacuum pools (all of which we provide training for).
Pool Monitor
Pool Monitors greet and sign-in members of our community pools They maintain a clean and friendly pool environment, operate pump rooms and vacuum pools. Some communities ask that our pool monitors be CPR certified. And pool monitors definitely clean bathrooms!
At Courtyard Pool Management Incorporated, one person can make a big impact. We value customer service, teamwork, and fun. We provide excellent training and look for applicants who are friendly, professional, and take care to do a job correctly. We are taking applications for the Current Swim Season. Our positions include Pool MonitorLifeguard, and Driver/Pool Maintenance Worker. All applicants must be 15 years or older and have any necessary CPR or Lifeguard training completed by May 15. All applicants must also agree to work from Memorial Day to Labor Day at a minimum. For lifeguard certification information, please see our Lifeguard Certification page.

Red-Cross Certified Lifeguard
Job Descriptions
Driver/Pool Maintenance
Drivers work the actual pool maintenance and cleaning route with the owners of the company. They usually get up very early and bear the largest responsibility other than the owners of Courtyard Pool Management. This is also your best opportunity to learn about small business, pool maintenance, and repairs. Generally they use a company vehicle or are provided a gas stipend for their work which includes pool cleaning, restocking, assistance on repairs, and bathroom and environment disinfecting. 
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To apply to work at Courtyard Pools, simply fill out the below Contact Us form. In your contact form message please include the names, phone numbers, and emails for 2 work, church, volunteer, or athletic authorities. Please indicate which position you are primarily interested in. And follow up with a phone call by calling Mary Pohl, Hiring Manager, at 770-733-8491.
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