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Pool Chemistry Maintenance and Cleaning
Your pool never looked this good! We understand the extreme importance of maintaining proper pool chemistry both for the health of the people swimming in the pool and the pool plaster and tile grout. We will regularly check all chemical levels including calcium hardness, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid in addition to maintaining a balanced saturation index. There are no additional costs for opening and closing the pools as well as chemically treating your pools for algae during the off-season. 

Pool Replaster or Resurfacing
Courtyard Pools manages the resurfacing of neighborhood and residential pools, securing the best price, quality, and warranty for your pool's resurfacing. We brush and balance chemicals following the plaster to ensure the longest life for your plaster.

Pool Repairs and Upgrades
Not only can the Courtyard Pool Repair Team always be there at a moment's notice for any emergencies, the owners of the pool work hard to take preventative measures to ensure the longevity of your pump room equipment. We are a full-service repair company, capable of doing all repairs and upgrades, including resurfacing, tiling, bathroom remodeling, and handicap accessibility. Our long-term friendships with suppliers and low overhead helps us to get you the best prices possible, routinely outbidding our competitors on repairs. We also stay abreast of new safety requirements for pools to ensure that your pool meets health inspection requirements.

​Pool Lifeguard and Monitor Services
​We hire only the best lifeguards and monitors in your area to help your community to have a safe and clean pool environment. We have been successful in deterring non-members from pool areas while training all lifeguards and monitors to maintain and operate pools. Their performance is backed by a high level of quality control from the owners of Courtyard Pools.

Pool Bathroom Service
Our company offers restroom cleaning and restocking as part of our package for maintaining your pool. We thoroughly clean and disinfect your entire bathroom area and assist with any plumbing issues. Don't settle for mildewing and foul smelling restrooms!

HOA Clubhouse Cleaning
Courtyard Pools also provides janitorial services for clubhouses under yearly contracts and post event clean up.

Swim Lessons and Competitive Swimming Instruction and Coaching
We offer swim instruction year-long at our private, indoor swim facility. Whether you are just beginning or need assistance in perfecting your competitive strokes, we can help you! We start at age 3, but you're never too old to learn to swim. We teach all four strokes as well as proper breathing mechanics.

Neighborhood Inter-Communication Services
We provide unique ways for HOAs to communicate and publish to their members. Ask us about our neighborhood communication packages today!

Our Services
"Yes, we do that!" Experience matters when you choose a pool company or swim instructor. Whether you are just learning to swim or trying to regulate member use of your commercial pool facility, we have solutions. We will advise you based on our experiences and offer the best prices.
We provide a variety of services including:
If you have any question concerning our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help find the best solutions for you.
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